Environment Planning, Sustainable Living

Environment Planning, Sustainable Living

Environmental Impact Assessment (E.I.A)

Predict and evaluate potential environmental impacts

Environmental Management Plan (E.M.P)

Implementation of mitigation and protective measures identified in the EIA

Environmental Monitoring & Audit

Measuring the effects of certain activities on the environment against set criteria or standards

Environmental Studies

Studies human interaction with the environment

Social Impact Assessment

Review of the social effects of infrastructure projects and other development interventions

Toxic & Hazardous Waste Management

Treating hazardous wastes to reduce their toxicity to reduce or eliminate exposures to these wastes.

Erosion Sediment Control Plan (E.S.C.P)

Managing erosion and sediment on construction sites and subdivision

Solid Waste & Water Management

Process of collecting, treating and disposing of solid wastes



We are truly desirous of contributing to the balancing of the country’s development with the environmental through consultation and effort, and strongly believes that commitment to our clients, business and community awareness are essential ingredients for our future growth



We deliver excellence and we desire to create a satisfaction with client. We apply innovative information, undertake rigorous analytical research and policy analysis to develop high impact communications and outreach efforts.

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Eco Synergy Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (ESS) founded in March 2008 that provides superior solutions to environmental problems, cultural issues and to sustain our resource. The establishment of ESS’s is in line with the national aspiration towards sustainable developments with a vision and mission of protecting and preservation of the environment.

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We believe that ESS’s long term vision and strategy for growth cannot be achieved unless the business is built on solid values and trust. These values are vital in doing our business and how we deliver projects successfully for our clients

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Providing superior solutions to environmental problems, cultural issues and to sustain our resource together with experts from professional firms and institutions at national and international levels.

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